PHP Developer Or React Developer 100% Work From Home

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Fancy a 100% work from home role? Are you a PHP Developer keen to pick up skills in things like React and Node or vice versa maybe you want to learn some native mobile development? Get involved in things like ML / AI, AWS, Kubernetes  etc..If so this could be the job for you ..

Role - Software Developer aka PHP Developer, React Developer, Laravel Developer, React / Node Developer

Location - Office in the West Midlands but you can work 100% from home should you choose

Salary - 40 - 45K Flexible 

The Role

The role is working within a growing development team supporting a large global AI and Robotics e-commerce company the team works on a wide variety of projects to support the business and users a variety of technologies the sort of stacks you would get involved with would include

- PHP / React

- PHP Laravel Bootstrap

- React / Node

There solutions are hosted on an AWS infrastructure and if you wanted to there is potential to get involved on that side as well with Docker, Kubernetes, GitLab, Datadog, Newrelic etc

Other things you are likely to work on include: Redis, GraphQL, Elasticsearch and Storybook and Platforms and Ultilties like: Vero, Looker, Prismic, Stripe and Pusher

They are also doing projects on mobile so if you are keen on learning Native or hybrid smartphone development that would be a big positive


You are likely to be a solid developer with experience to one of or similar tech stacks to the ones outlined keen to pick up additional skill in the other areas outlined. You will have a good grasp of OO development, API's and UI components. Experience in any of the technologies listed would be advantageous but they expect people need to pick a lot of them up.

Interested? Please send your cv for a swift response

Views: 18 / Location: West Midlands / Closes: 12-02-2022

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