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We're looking for an experienced software developer to join our team. You'll be working on large-scale, often cloud-based, business-critical applications in Laravel, Javascript and many other tools and languages when the need arises.

Core Blue develops software for companies in a wide range of industries, based all around the world. Our focus is on business-critical software so our agile team is built up of engineers that love to build excellent code. We are currently going through a growth period with an increased demand for large-scale projects and we need to build our team with more exceptional developers.

Your Role

You'll be responsible for supporting and building a range of business applications including internal business management tools, SaaS products, and communications tools. Our stack is predominantly LEMP (LAMP but with nGinx), PHP (often Laravel), Javascript, (Vue, React/React Native). However, this stack is forever changing and you'll be given opportunities to learn.

You'll be required to make decisions and offer technical advice - we want you to have the option to implement features your way.


What you'll be

Passionate, curious, excited by new technology and the tech industry, and want to develop your tech skills
You love learning and often end up teaching yourself about interesting subjects
You have strong communication skillsWhat you may have

Bachelor's degree in computer science or equivalent experience
Experience working as a software developer in industryBenefits

What your perks will be

Progress review every quarter with your line manager
A bonus day off for your birthday
Work Anniversary - Celebrating your loyalty to the company
Relaxed environment - even though we work hard, we enjoy a relatively relaxed environment in an open-plan office.
Career Progression: You will be challenged in this role and given opportunities to learn new skills to grow with us
Tech: Work on a high-end MacBook/Laptop and dual monitor setup.
Flexibility: We're flexible - flexible hours, flexible breaks, flexible chairs.
Activities: We regularly arrange activities or fun days, so we get the chance to chill out together.
Bike to work: Get a tax fee bike through our bike to work scheme and spend up to £3,000
Emphasis on wellness, healthy fruit delivered weekly
Use of the Company Gym
Development: We'll add to your skillset. We're aiming to become the best in class. As such, you'll be enrolled in scheme's and have transferable skills, such as AWS certifications. If there is something you're passionate about, we'll endeavour to cover the costs to help you learn more
Plus much more to come

Views: 40 / Location: Plymouth / Closes: 18-11-2021

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