Junior Laravel / Vue.js Developer

Listed: 6 months ago

This ad has expired.

This is an exciting opportunity for a developer who is passionate about PHP, JavaScript, Vue.js, the Laravel ecosystem and cares about writing clean, efficient, bug-free and future-proof code.

You will be given the time and opportunity to dive deep into projects and use the lessons learned (and code / packages written) to make the roll-out of new projects faster and more efficient.

Projects will include working with a range of Laravel products including Spark, Nova, Telescope, Horizon and Forge. And of course, JavaScript / Vue.js / CSS Preprocessors / Webpack / Composer will be integral with any Laravel based project.

Although you will be working on client projects this is primarily a non-client facing role. You will, however, work closely with the Head of Digital to guide on specifications and make recommendations on the best solutions for customer requirements.

Views: 203 / Location: Northamptonshire / Closes: 13-09-2019

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Holly Social Limited

Holly Social Limited

3A Manor Farm Business Park
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