PHP Developer - Laravel / Zend

Listed: 11 months ago

This ad has expired.

We’re looking for a talented PHP Web Developer to work on innovative projects for a wide range of clients at our web development agency based in the Northern quarter, Manchester. We’re a friendly, forward thinking team who value innovation and provide an open forum for ideas and ways to improve.

About the business
We specialise in bespoke website builds for our clients and their critical business systems. You’ll be a key member of our development team and play a crucial role in the development of our new company products.

Development of back-end systems for a range of websites
Development of company products
Perform coding to written technical specifications
Investigate, analyse and document reported bugs
Perform maintenance development and correction of identified bugs
Create and document test plans, implement and manage unit tests and scripts
Communicate regularly with project managers to provide understanding of technical requirements, processes and dependencies

Views: 317 / Location: Greater Manchester / Closes: 01-08-2019

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Property Stream

Property Stream

26 Dale Street
M1 1FY

Estate agent websites that get results. Creative agency specialising in providing websites, branding and marketing to the property sector.

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