LAMP Web Developer

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SentryBay is looking for a high calibre Web Developer with proven experience to join a dedicated small team of Web Developers and Project Manager. The candidate must be effective in working as part of a team, but also show initiative in taking ownership of issues. The recruit must be willing to share knowledge and where appropriate suggest new technologies and development techniques. This is a fast pace environment, so being able to deliver projects on time is essential. Good oral and written communication skills will be needed to fulfil this role effectively.
Must have experience and a deep-rooted understanding of LAMP web development to an advanced level.
Must have a can-do attitude to taking on the ownership of projects and working to a tight deadline.
Must show a willingness to work as part of a small team, but also be self-motivated.
Must have a test-driven mindset firmly rooted in years of developing quality software.
Must have the ability to analyze complex situations/problems and deliver logical and efficient solutions.

• Develop secure, well-documented PHP code in MVC frameworks such as Laravel.
• Develop modern and secure APIs/Microservices.
• Develop code using OWASP best practises.
• Work towards unit testing and a TDD.
• Develop secure, well documented and maintained JavaScript code using frameworks such as AngularJS & VueJS.
• Help manage and maintain Git repositories.
• Develop sophisticated SQL statements that join across multiple tables along with the usual CRUD.
• Follow the principles of relational database design when creating and updating a database scheme.

Views: 213 / Location: London / Closes: 20-09-2019

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SentryBay Limited

SentryBay Limited

20 Little Britain

SentryBay is a real-time data security company developing technology for PC, mobile, the cloud and IoT. We provide protection from advanced threats at the key points where data is most vulnerable: at point of data entry, during transmission and when exposed to new phishing and malware attacks.

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