Senior PHP/JS Developer - Website Platform At Dealer Inspire

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Dealer Inspire (DI) is a leading disruptor in the automotive industry through our innovative culture, legendary service, and kick-ass website, technology, and marketing solutions. Our mission is to future-proof local dealerships by building the essential, mobile-first platform that makes automotive retail faster, easier, and smarter for both shoppers and dealers.

You value code quality, scalability, and reliability. You are not beholden to one language, design pattern, or framework, but instead you believe that a true craftsman always chooses the right tool for the job. You understand business value and are all about creating it. You value working on a team with other developers, and can communicate complex ideas with ease. You love learning and experimenting with new technologies but would never neglect the fundamentals. You don’t have an over-sized ego.

Job Description:
The Senior PHP/JS Developer is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the Dealer Inspire Website Platform, specifically forward-facing features and functionality. The Senior PHP/JS Developer creates new features or refactors existing tools. In addition to completing assigned work, the Senior PHP/JS Developer must be a champion for best practices and continuous learning for his/her fellow teammates, providing guidance for, and training teammates with less experience.
This role requires expert knowledge of the Dealer Inspire Website Platform and associated architecture. The Senior PHP/JS Developer must be knowledgeable of available tools and resources and know where to implement custom solutions. Strong problem solving, organization, and documentation skills are key to success.

5+ years of development experience using a combination of PHP and JS.
Strong command of HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP.
Good grasp of Object Oriented Programming concepts.
Expertise in building and testing mobile-first web applications.
Version control experience (Git/Mercurial).
Experience building WordPress themes and plugins.
Familiarity with frontend frameworks like Bootstrap, Bourbon, or Foundation.
Must be organized, detail oriented, and able to juggle multiple projects with varying timelines and requirements.
Demonstrated ability to communicate complex terms and ideas to stakeholders and coworkers.
Fast learner & interested in new technologies.
The ability to remain cool under pressure.

Nice To Haves:
Experience with PHP frameworks like Laravel.
Experience with SASS/SCSS.
Experience with automated testing.
Experience with Node JS.
Experience with JS frameworks like Vue and/or React.
Experience with build tools like Gulp, Webpack, etc.
You know what the phrase “clean code” means, and where it came from.

Responsibilities May Include:
Development work on our Award-Winning, WordPress based Website Platform.
Maintaining current WordPress plugins and building them to support new or existing platform features.
Working with internal and external APIs to build dynamic services.
Supporting development teams by providing knowledge and training resources.
Contributing to or supporting internal tools utilized by the development teams.
Working with our development team, systems team, and designers to fulfill support requests or bug reports from clients.
Building custom functionality on client sites

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